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Why Choose Crightons

Your Servicing Needs

When it comes to your irrigation assets, you're probably like most of our clients: you're trying to keep up with the needs of your growing fleet while also managing a farm. And like many of our clients, you may be neglecting the maintenance of your irrigation assets. After all, it's not like they're going anywhere—right?

But what if we told you that neglecting maintenance could put you at risk of having ageing and inefficient assets that are costing you more than they should? What if we told you that with minimal investment in Crightons' services, we could help prevent that from happening?

We focus on bringing you what you need, be it regularly scheduled services, or coming by to assist in up-skilling your team.

Crightons can help you audit your existing fleet, build an assets management tool, or help prioritise maintenance needs and create budget forecasts.

If something is wrong? We'll help identify what is needed, remove the asset and replace it, or repair and reinstall it for you - typically completing all machining and restoration in house.

If your assets are in need of replacement? We have you covered there too—we carry a broad range of replacement parts, such as valves and pipeline/pump components.

And when it comes to commissioning faster and more reliably than anyone else in the region? Crightons is known for getting the job done right. We've been building up our inventory for over 40 years now so that we're ready to support the needs of the irrigation sector—and we'd love to serve as an extension of your team!

We’re Here To Help You

Whether we built your pump station last week, or you've had it built by a competitor, we're here to offer our support.

Crightons regularly service a large radius, with teams in and out of most irrigation regions within 250 kilometres of our base in Hay. When needed, we also travel a great deal further in order to construct and support assets over a significant distance.

Your Key Contact

At Crightons, we understand that you don't want to have to deal with a new person every time you have an issue. That's why when you call us, we aim to have your job started by a single point of contact who understands your needs and can keep track of all the moving parts throughout the process.

If you have an urgent service request outside of our standard business hours, please call our After Hours Team on 0428 888 921 for assistance.

What We Can Do For You

Pump Servicing, Repairs and Rebuilds

Motor and Pump Alignments

Foot Valve - Maintenance and Repairs

Machining - Maintenance and Repairs

Field and Pipeline installation and Repairs

In Field Telemetry and Automation Servicing

Irrigation System Design review

Certified Meter Installation and Metre Validation

In Field Welding and Fabrication

Tree lopping

Filter - Maintenance and Repairs

PE Welding and Pipeline Repairs / Instals