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Crightons Services

Crightons provide

Full Project Management


experts in

Design Plans & Drafting

We craft thorough design plans, turning ideas into tangible blueprints that guide the project.


experts in

Construction & Fabrication

We handle construction and fabrication in-house, ensuring quality is never a concern.


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Coordination & Execution

We excel in project coordination, ensuring delivery is on schedule, and within budget.


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Maintenance & Support

We safeguard your investment for the long haul, accounting for serviceability and cost efficiency.


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Technology Integration

We upgrade your systems with advanced technology, providing greater control and monitoring.

Your One-Stop Solution

Save Time & Money

Crightons capacity streamlines project coordination by eliminating the need for multiple providers.

With a reputation for building large pump stations and supporting providers in complex builds, you can trust Crightons for high-quality, cost-efficient solutions.

We Provide

Pump Services

Pump Servicing, Repairs, and Rebuilds:
We offer a comprehensive range of services, including routine servicing, efficient repairs, and complete rebuilds. Whether it's addressing minor issues or overhauling a critical pump station, we have the experience and tools needed to keep your irrigation assets working smoothly.


Motor and Pump Alignments:
Proper alignment is crucial for motor and pump systems. Our team specialises in precise alignments to improve operational efficiency, extend the life of your equipment, and reduce energy consumption.


Crighton's have experience installing, servicing, overhauling and re-building submersible, mixed flow, axial, self-priming and vacuum pumps.

Water Metering Services

Comprehensive Water Meter Solutions:

Crighton's offer a complete suite of compliant water metering services, including installation, maintenance and supply. Our team of Certified Meter Installers ensure your water metering systems are accurate and reliable, allowing you to effectively manage your water resources. We use proven product and have a team who will come to you and help ensure you remain compliant.

Crane & Lifting Services

Comprehensive Crane Services:
Our extensive fleet of cranes includes 80T Demag Crane, 25T Tadano Crane, 20T Terex Crane, 16T City Crane, Manitou, and Boom lift. Our team of operators, dogman and field staff are equipped to handle any lifting task efficiently and safely, ensuring your projects run smoothly from start to finish. Whether it's construction or maintenance, our lifting solutions are second to none.

Earthmoving & Transport Services

Crighton's extensive fleet of earthmoving and transport equipment includes 2T, 5T, 13T & 22T Excavators - with rock hammer, auger and pile driver capacity, a 24T Volvo loader, 3.5T to 7T Forklifts - counterbalance and all terrain, Kenworth trucks, quad and tri drop deck floats, extendable trailers to 22m in length, crane trucks, heavy ridged tippers and flat tops. Crighton's specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of field and pipeline systems, using our range of equipment. Whether you need new infrastructure installed, require repairs to existing pipelines or specialised cartage of pipe up to 1500NB, our team is equipped to manage the task.


Tree Lopping:

Ensuring unobstructed access and safety on your property is essential. Our tree lopping services are designed to clear vegetation and maintain safe surroundings for your operations.

Welding, Fabricating & Machining Services

Machining - Maintenance and Repairs:
Crightons provides precision machining, maintenance, and repair services for various machinery. Our machining capabilities ensure your equipment remains in optimal condition and performs reliably.

PE Welding and Pipeline Repairs/Installs:

We have developed a capacity in polyethylene (PE) welding and pipeline maintenance. We have the capacity to lesson the need for additional contractors and we aim to support your team whether it be repairs or complete pipeline installation.

Pipe & Valve Services

Specialists in pipe supply, we are an importer, stockist, and region leading supplier of steel pipe, with typically 600+ metric Tonnes of new pipe centrally located at Hay. Be it new downgrade or used pipe. We have a range from 50NB to 2200NB in steel. We are well connected with mainstream dealership networks for other piping products such as PE, PVC, stainless steel, ductile iron, and other products, that when partnered with our local knowledge, know how, and connections we can help you navigate what best fits your need.


Filter - Sales, Maintenance and Repairs:

We offer maintenance and repair services for filters, preserving the quality of water in your systems and safeguarding the efficiency of your operations.


Valves -Sales, Maintenance and Repairs:
Valves play a vital role in ensuring proper water flow in your systems. Crightons provides maintenance and repairs to keep your valves within your system functioning and fit for purpose.

If you need an issue repaired, but you're not sure what it is - Crightons can handle anything pipe and valve related.

Maintenance Services

Irrigation System Design Review:

Crightons can help you conduct comprehensive reviews of your irrigation system designs. We can help you develop maintenance budgets, prioritise what needs fixing next, improve whole of life asset cost, improve efficiency, and are working towards structured maintenance contracts that will ensure customers have access to our team when needed.