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Our Story

Crightons Engineering

Your Best Partner In Irrigation Solutions

Crightons is a family run engineering company that has been building, upgrading and servicing irrigation assets approaching 5 decades.

We are committed to supporting municipal and commercial pumping customers throughout rural Australia, and play a key role in most significant developments across the region.

It is our ability to provide a comprehensive service, that has allowed us to also build solid working relationships with a significant amount of large-scale row cropping and viticulture teams over a broad area.

Crightons regularly partner with other irrigation service teams - our unique piling capacity and experience in construction, fabrication, cranes and field support make us industry leaders and a sought-after partner.

Crightons is based in the middle of nowhere, which fortunately is the middle of everywhere for large-scale agricultural customer base.

Our team routinely service Hay, Mildura, Narrandera, Griffith, Robinvale, Kyalight, Tooleybuc, Echuca and the surrounding regions. With a love of the open road, we go wherever the next job takes us!

Our History

Crightons was founded in the town of Hay over 4 decades ago, by Frank and Rhonda Crighton.

Beginning as a partnership, the blend of Frank’s natural mechanical gift and gentlemanly nature, combined with Rhonda’s business acumen and old-school hard work ethic, enabled Crightons to grow into the company it is today.

The family business is now led by Jasen Crighton, with his sons Toby, Jock and Hugh following in Jasen and Frank's footsteps.

Frank & Rhonda wound up Crightons Grains (a grain trading business that Frank and his brother co-owned) and Crightons Engineering was established in Moama St, South Hay with a shed area around 100M2 and 2 team members.
A shed extension of 350M2 was built with the help of the local Lion’s Football Club, and the first of Crightons crane mounted pile drivers was introduced, revolutionising the way structures were built.
Jasen, the eldest son of Frank and Rhonda returned from college and joined the team, as Crightons began to focus solely on irrigation. The first custom field vehicles were set up, and the drafting and design process was formalised with the ability to quote larger jobs.
Saw the long anticipated purchase of Crightons first late model truck crane and the companies capacity to respond to the evolving needs of clients was realised, meaning another extension was on the horizon to double the onsite floorspace.
Crightons, now a solid team of 9, designed and built the first of many on-farm storage dam pump stations. This year also saw the first river pump station build, with a 24hr capacity of over 400 Meg.
The millennium drought kicked in, with several very dry and difficult years that forced a re-think on the need to have a market share that was more drought tolerant. Crightons sought out municipal, horticultural and commercial works, surviving the drought and growing the business against all odds during this trying time.
Compliance became our top priority, with energy put behind developing Work Health & Safety systems and ensuring our team provided a different customer experience with a focus on compliance. Refined pile driving capacity and a focus on foundational systems became the norm.
Crightons started importing pipe flanges and other products that were not readily available on the local market, the move towards stocking parts on the premises allowed projects to start earlier and avoid delays. By this time the team had grown to include around 16 team members.
The second 15 Acre Yard was purchased with a vision for the future of the company. In the same period, Crightons also renewed its passion for metering, buying the first excavator and installing over 150 water meters by the end of the year.
The first of the new block sheds were developed, giving Crightons an additional 1432M2 of floor space. Bigger and better equipment for all sectors of the business were put into action, and work on the pipe storage yard began alongside all weather road development.
As the team grew to 25, plans were afoot for an expanded capacity to the main block shed with ambitions for a 3200m2 additional workspace undercover, plans were developed for a 400m2 double story office, the block got a shitter "woohoo"
We hit a ceiling and realised we needed external support to help re-structure our systems and we started to grow an internal leadership group. Crighton's engaged an external business coach and sort additional external support. We also realised "Big girls are beautiful" and purchased an 80T mobile crane, one of the largest in the region.
The Crighton's team sits at 30 FTE's, we agreed to follow on with the 70 year long provision of import and servicing of the Macquarrie pump range. We installed a region leading plasma capacity, our truck fleet grew to six. Our DA was approved for new shed and office expansion, implementation of ERP software. As Bully's sons Toby, Jock & Hugh brace for what's ahead.
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Crightons Engineering

Our Core Values

Respect for all

We Value our team, building supplier relationships, treating customers as “Family".

Hard Work ethic

Hard work is what set us up and we focus on the value of what it can achieve.

Adaptable Nature

We learn from what we see, and by changing what we do as challenges arise.

Community Oriented

We Care for our Community, Supporting others seeking to be proud of what we do.

Community Orientated

We support growth in our region and are community focused.

Adaptable Nature

We learn from what we see, and adapt as challenges arise.

Hard Work Ethic

We go the whole nine yards and get the job done right, everytime.

Respect For All

We value our team and treat our partners and clients like family.


WHS Commitment

Crightons puts a lot of time and training making Work Health & Safety our priority. When you work with us, you can feel confident knowing that safety is top of mind for our team, and yours - making it easier to have transparent conversations or raise concerns with us.

Crighton's understand a compliant offering that shows no differentiation between Ag and industry now fits the bill.

We know that as a client you want compliant, easy-to-work-with teams on the ground – and we understand the value in looking after our people and having compliant systems in place.

At Crighton's we take safety to the next level we even take safety at smoko seriously.