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Apart from working with property developers and general land holders we have been extensively involved with State Water, as installers of the meters used in Statewater's Metering project throughout 2012 and 2013. This has required us to install meters ranging in size from 350mm to 1m in size.  

We have compentaly installed many varieties of meters (MACE,  SIEMEN'S, TYCO and ABB) in a wide variety of situations.

Some of the installations, have been straight forward and some have needed some specialist equipment, for example cranes and pile driving (to stabilize the installations).  

All fabrication of the steel pipes used on the water meter sites is fabricated in our workshop.

Our field vehicles are fully equiped with all nessesary equipment to preform any nessesary task in the field without returning to base.

Above:  A large meter installation which required dewatering of the main channel prior to commencment of the installation. This site also require building of an access walkway and the design and fabrication of a delivery system which met all OH&S requirements as well as being easily accesible and user freindly for the land holder


One of the multiple meter sites. As seen below our crews are quite effiecent at installing multiple meters at the same time, meaning less "down time" for the property owner

Some installation photos of a 1m Siemen's meter. This installation was in a concrete pit, where confined space experiance and qualifications were required. Quite a number of our key personel are trained in this field.  We were also required to build a complete new lid for the pit, making sure the nessesary signage about the possible hazard below was in place.

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